The Problem

Over sixty-five percent of American families are affected by addiction to either alcohol or drugs. Over 15 million children grow up in alcohol and drug dependent homes, and over 50% of them will become alcoholics and drug addicts themselves. The result is an increase in child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, crime, unemployment, poverty, teen pregnancy, HIV disease, low birth weight, fetal stroke, stillbirth, birth defects, prematurity, and mental retardation. The toll in human suffering is immense. Many individuals are second and third generation offspring of addiction and social chaos, who have never experienced stability. We believe they deserve a chance.

Our Programs

Ujima Family Recovery Services provides a unique alcohol and drug treatment program that focuses on pregnant women, new mothers and infants. The programs include Alcohol and Drug Education, Parent Education, Peer Mentoring, Clinical and Psychiatric Support Services and Therapeutic Child Care. We collaborate with the county and other agencies for the provision of case management, foster care and family support services. The Children’s Recovery and Family Education Program is a primary prevention program with special focus on children. We strive to promote healthier patterns of behavior in children, parents and families whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drug addiction.

The Families We Serve

Ujima Family Recovery Services fills a vital need in services for pregnant, parenting and alcohol and drug addicted women, men, children and families. One hundred percent of the families served are of low income.